Are there environmentally-friendly cleaners and sealers that I can use on the marble tiles in my bathroom?

Asked by Kate Potts
Dallas, TX

The company I asked to quote for cleaning told me that the sealer was "so high in voc's that it dissipated as soon as it hit the environment" - or words to that effect! This does not make me feel comfortable! Also, the bathroom is vented only by a small exhaust fan in the ceiling - the windows do not open.


Olga G. Alvarez, LEED-AP ID+C

Answered by Olga G. Alvarez, LEED-AP ID+C

Cooper City, FL

Project Coordinating Services, LLC

May 16, 2011

Kate –

I would highly recommend that you look into AFM Safecoat which has some great low-voc sealers. Specifically, look into their MexeSeal product since it’s also SCS Certified and can be used on various interior surfaces.

For cleaning marble, take a look at Howard Products which manufactures various cleaning products for different types of surfaces which really work great.

  • They carry a line of natural cleaners called “Howard’s Naturals” derived from vegetable ingredients that are non-acidic and non-abrasive for cleaning granite, marble.
  • They even have cleaners for stainless steel surfaces (non-pretroleum base).


For more information:

Read "I have marble bathroom tiles that are quite heavily soiled with soap scum. Can you recommend a nontoxic but effective cleaner/sealer?" a Q&A answered by Molly McCabe.

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