Are there any waterproof woods we could use for a sink base?

Asked by Jeanette Myers
Chicago, IL

We're building a sink base of wood. We want it to be waterproof (although it will have a glass top). Is there any wood that is naturally waterproof? If not, we would like a green waterproof coating. Any suggestions?


Answered by Liberty Phoenix Lord

Gainesville, FL


July 15, 2011

We would recommend either TImbersil or Accoya wood.

Timbersil is a glass-infused lumber made for either above or below grade and can even be used for boats, piers, etc.

Accoya actually is a lumber where they remove the molecule that allows the wood to retain moisture, therefore making it great for exterior, above or below grade.

Check out both products on the Indigo Green Building Solutions website.

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