Are there any manufactured (not custom) kitchen cabiinets that use formaldehyde free materials in or near Chicago?

Asked by Toby
Chicago, IL

Kitchen renovation


Kirsten Flynn

Answered by Kirsten Flynn

Palo Alto, CA

Sustainable Home

November 21, 2013

Hello Toby Most non custom cabinets are manufactured in one location, and then shipped all over the US. Concerns over VOC's are common enough now that most cabinet companies either know what are in all of their cabinets, or have a "green line" of cabinetry that is more careful with the emissivity of their board products. Holiday Cabinets,, is based in Wisconsin, and has natural finish options, formaldehyde free glues, and a box option that meets CARB 2 compliance. You should require this last characteristic in any cabinet line that you consider. This CARB2 standard only applies to the board product that the cabinet is made out of. It would be nice if whole cabinet systems were tested by a third party certifier like GreenGuard. Thus far, only one cabinet manufacturer has become Green Guard certified. They are Executive Cabinetry in South Carolina, I have never used them, however, the GreenGuard certification is a good one, and these are sure to be low VOC cabinets. I strongly suggest that once you have a kitchen design that you like, and that has all the storage and design features that you need, that you get the estimate for that kitchen from a local custom shop that uses green materials. Sometimes a local cabinetmaker is both cheaper than the national brands, and can give you more storage because they design wall to wall, rather then having to use standard cabinet sizes. I hope this helps, and have fun with your kitchen renovation!

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