Are there any low VOC vinyl floor products?

Asked by Jana
Arlington, VA

I'm looking for a basement floor and don't want to spend the money on ceramic or porcelain tile materials and installation but need something that is water resistent in case I get water in my basement. Encapsulated mastic remains on the concrete floor post asbestos tile removal so I can't simply clean up the concrete. I need to cover it. I like the warmth of wood, thus I like some of the new vinyl looks for the price but don't want to reintroduce yet another toxin in my home. Is there such a thing as "green" vinyl flooring and if so, what glue should be used and where can I purchase the materials? Thanks so much for helping point me in the direction of affordable green products for a basement.


Karen Smuland

Answered by Karen Smuland

Bend, OR

Karen Smuland Architect

March 21, 2012

Have you considered Marmoleum linoleum? It is made using rapidly renewable ingredients like rosin, linseed oil, cork, and wood flour. It comes in many colors, in sheet goods and tile, and is completely recyclable. they make a compatible non-toxic adhesive that is VOC-free and water-based.

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