Are there any greywater solutions for existing homes without major re-plumbing? Real solutions, not a bucket-under-my-sink type of thing.

Asked by Kris Walken
Missoula, MT

I am currently capturing rainwater, but I am more interested in ways to reuse everyday greywater within the house.


Evan Little

Answered by Evan Little

Newport Beach, CA

Surterre Properties Inc

April 8, 2010

If you have a washing machine that is located in your garage or along an exterior wall, that's a great place to reuse water. Typically a pipe or hose is run from the exterior wall to nearby landscaping. You can make it as simple as a hose that's moved around from time to time depending on where it's needed most. You will need to use nontoxic detergent.

Greywater Action (formerly the Greywater Guerrillas) has a very informative website with additional resources.

For more information:

To learn more about greywater systems, read Jesse Terzi's answer to a reader who asked, "We want to design a greywater system for the campground we're renovating. Can you help?"

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