Are single family homes built from recycled shipping containers considered for LEEDs certification?

Asked by eugene
Redondo Beach, CA

They are 8x45 and easily stacked. With proper insulation and flooring, they are easily the strongest prefabricated homes available.


Answered by Andrea Palmer

Oklahoma City, OK

Guaranteed Watt Saver (GWS)

March 24, 2012

The LEED for Homes Rating System doesn’t exclude unique construction methods for new homes.

  • You must meet all the minimum program requirements and Rating System prerequisites including ventilation and energy efficiency minimums.
  • With proper consideration for the design of these mandatory measures, the shipping containers should be eligible for program participation.
  • Also the homes will have to be permanently placed to complete the certification process.

A LEED for Homes Provider organization and/or Green Rater will guide you through the details of all these requirements.


For more information:

Read more about the LEED for Homes rating system here.

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