Are acrylic foam backed drapes safe? Will they off gas?

I am shopping for drapes and have found many which have an acrylic foam backing. Will they off gas? I am concerned about our indoor air quality. Will the heat from the sun promote off gassing? They would help block out a draft from the windows but I do not want to risk my family's health in the process. Thanks! LeeAnn


Jeff Jeannette

Answered by Jeff Jeannette

Long Beach, CA

Jeannette Architects Inc.

January 14, 2010

Hello LeeAnn,

The answer to this question lies within the manufacturing of the products. Companies should have on hand the specifications of their products relative to pollutants and VOC's. If they don't or won't share that data with you, look to other manufacturers.

Some shade manufacturers have double cell (2 layered) fabric products that offer very good solar control. Look for "honeycomb" style shades that come in various levels of light transmittance from shear to black out.

I hope that helps,

Jeff Jeannette Architect, CGBP

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