An energy audit advised sealing & insulating our heating ducts, w/ spray adhesive to apply insulation. Can you recommend a nontoxic spray?

Asked by Renee
San Leandro, CA

Heating ducts are in attic and crawl space. Would like to avoid exposure to VOCs/nasty fumes from spray adhesive. If there are no such sprays available, suggestions for best way to apply insulation around ductwork would be appreciated.



Duct insulation can be wrapped and taped in place. This type of installation is common practice in commercial applications and does not require harmful spray adhesives.

  • The actual duct work can be sealed by applying a foil backed duct tape at each of the seams and pin holes prior to the installation of insulation.
  • If possible conduct a smoke test to locate all leaks in your system.


For more information:

Read "How do you seal leaky ductwork?" a Q&A answered by David Edwards.

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