Affordable certification alternative..?

Asked by Ann
Nevada City, CA

I've been building a small, energy efficient home w/SIPs,passive solar low-e windows, etc...I would love to get LEED-certified but can't afford the $1000's that requires. Going for a mortgage soon...any more affordable alternatives?


Evan Little

Answered by Evan Little

Newport Beach, CA

Surterre Properties Inc

March 25, 2014

Hi Ann, I love SIPs and passive together. Unfortunately it may be too late to pursue USGBC's LEED or Build it Green. I believe both certification programs require that you use their systems from the start. Build it Green does have an existing home certification so you may still be able to circle around for that even after you're done. Certifications are great for marketing a spec home so there's something somewhat concrete stating the home's level of greeness. Certification are also helpful if you're building a home for yourself and you want to make sure you don't give up the green dream half way through. Their systems give you guidelines and strategies that you probably wouldn't figure out on your own without investing a ton of time. Once you have green down, it's generally not worth pursuing any certifications. You can also view the certification requirements without pursuing them as a frame of reference. Good luck!

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