A seller is advertising his house as LEED certified. How can I find out if this is accurate?

Asked by Adam
Los Angeles, CA

Is there an online listing of LEED certified residential homes?


Anthony Addesso

Answered by Anthony Addesso

Hawthorne, NJ

Addesso Architecture

November 4, 2010

The first question that comes to mind is it a free standing home or a multiple family building such as a condominium or co-op.

  • If it is a single family home the owner should be able to provide paperwork from the USGBC stating it has a LEED homes certification.
  • If it is a multiple family building the building management would have the papers stating the building has been LEED certified.

You can also log into USGBC website and get a list of projects here.

In either case being a LEED certified building is certainly something that can be verified.


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