What is the greenest, best fireplace replacement?

Asked by Beth
Seymour, IN

I have a 900 sq. ft. home with a gas furnace and a wood-burning fireplace insert. It is too hot when it is burning hot enough to allow the smoke to escape the chimney properly. I want to see the fire and the added warmth. I do not like the mess and the smoky smell in my home.


Lee Hall

Answered by Lee Hall

Allen, TX

Sustainable Structures of Texas

August 13, 2010

I recently installed a 36" Isokern EPA-qualified fireplace which includes the catalytic combustor system, meeting UL 127, required by the EPA Indoor airPLUS Construction Specifications.

Besides this fireplace's performance, the company is a dream to work with.

Your problem could also be that your home is too tight and you need to supplement the fresh air into the base of the fireplace by a direct draw.

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