Do I need to tear out drywall on walls shared by another building for thermal bypass inspection? And is there any EE reason to do a test?

Asked by John Milligan
Indianapolis, IN

I'm thinking of going for LEED for Homes. The project is a row house, so it shares its sides with other row houses. LEED for Homes requires a thermal bypass inspection. But this will not save energy.


As energy auditors, we find that using an infrared camera to detect cold and hot spots allows us to see behind the wall to address insulation and air leakage without removing and wasting drywall. A blower door test will also provide information that may help you to determine how the thermal envelope is performing. 

I believe the process to inspect is only for the exterior walls, but perhaps LEED would allow infrared imaging in lieu of removal of drywall as that could result in a waste of resources.

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