Do faux wood blinds have any harmful chemicals that we need to be aware of? Can you recommend the safest kind?

Asked by Margarita Bardetsky
Houston, TX

We will be moving into a new house and need window treatments for 20 windows. I am thinking to buy faux wood blinds that are cheaper than wood blinds. But I have doubts about the safety of the material from which faux wood blinds are made. Will they affect the air quality in the house? We live in Texas, so it is very hot in summer. Will the heat affect faux wood blinds?


Great question, Margarita. "Faux" wood blinds are made of PVC and will offgas, particularly in your sunny climate.

As you may already know, PVC products outgas 108 different chemicals within the first 28 days of use and continue to do so for a very long time: that "new" smell is the telltale sign of all those chemicals going into your lungs and skin.

A great alternative for a budget project is WoodMates Alternative Wood Blinds by Hunter Douglas, which are Greenguard Certified, meaning they meet strict indoor air quality standards.


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