Can I insulate my roof without destroying the vintage pressed-tin ceiling?

— Betsy Humes, Brooklyn, NY

Answered by Susan Davis on April 1, 2008

What type of roof works best with spray-foam insulation?

— Eleazar, Brownsville, Texas

Answered by Mick Dalrymple on February 21, 2008

Moisture is leaking through our new basement windows. What should we do?

— Laurie Jack, Lloydminster, SK, Canada

Answered by Greg Upwall on February 4, 2008

Should we insist that our contractor use expanding foam insulation around our new windows?

— Sally Kieny, Colchester, VT

Answered by Carl Seville on February 22, 2007

Which foam insulation is best for the south coast Atlantic region: closed cell or open cell?

— Jud Laird, Miami, FL

Answered by Chris Benedict, R.A. on February 8, 2007