I'm shopping for a lingerie chest. Should I avoid particleboard, MDF, and veneer?

— Raven Wild, Woodstock, MD

Answered by Mike Binder on March 5, 2009

Can you recommend a nontoxic fabric treatment to protect my ivory couch from stains?

— Dawn Keith, Centennial, CO

Answered by Mary Cordaro on February 19, 2009

How can I reupholster furniture sustainably?

— Amy Wallace, Darien, CT

Answered by Kirsten Flynn on June 17, 2008

Where can we find inexpensive cabinets for our hobby room?

— Anne Osher, Houston, TX

Answered by Kirsten Flynn on June 17, 2008

Can you recommend sources for green furniture?

— Ross Levin, Lafayette Hill, PA

Answered by Miriam Landman on January 21, 2008

How do I select safe natural fiber products for my home?

— Amber Doyle, Spokane, WA

Answered by Maggie Wood on October 16, 2007