Can you help me find affordable blueprints or designs for a green home?

— William Robles, Roswell, NM

Answered by Fernando Feldman on November 6, 2008

Can solar work on a northeast-facing house?

— Valerie, Zionsville, Pa.

Answered by Mick Dalrymple on May 22, 2008

We want to design a passive-solar home for a hot climate. Can we still have views to the east?

— Dorothy Shannon, Charlotte, NC

Answered by Greg Upwall on February 4, 2008

What's the best way to capture solar heat from south-facing windows?

— Jeff Kushner, Victor, MT

Answered by Cassandra Adams on November 20, 2007

Can you point me to resources for building an energy-efficient home?

— Jeff Kushner, Wentzville, MO

Answered by Mitch Boucher on August 7, 2007

How can I remodel my oceanside property for maximum energy efficiency?

— Tricia Mittens, Nassau, Bahamas

Answered by Cynthia Phakos on June 19, 2007

How do I build a green doghouse?

— Lorraine Conti, Staten Island, NY

Answered by John Messerschmidt on May 10, 2007

How much does green construction add to the cost of a new home?

— Larry Chamblin, Pensacola, FL

Answered by Polly Osborne, FAIA, LEED AP on March 22, 2007