How would you preserve a turn-of-the-century rock wall in a moist basement?

— Mike Bowers, Mishawaka, IN

Answered by Timothy Montgomery on September 4, 2009

What do you think of Alside’s new composite wood siding product?

— Alice Nelsen, St. Charles, MO

Answered by Marc Ojanen & Shen-I Chiou on May 13, 2009

Can you recommend a program that picks up excess construction materials?

— Dahlia Klein, Great Neck, NY

Answered by Jim Zack on April 9, 2009

Can you recommend a nontoxic spackle for patching walls?

— Marisa Marquez, Riverside, CA

Answered by Fernando Feldman on November 6, 2008

I'm at square one. How do I get started on a green home remodel?

— Harold

Answered by Jennifer Owens on August 14, 2008

How do septic systems fit into LEED?

— Dave, Florida

Answered by Mick Dalrymple on July 3, 2008