What's the best replacement for a wood floor in a home with a pool, teenage boys, and two dogs?

— Nancy Meisch, North Richland Hills, TX

Answered by Martine Paquin on September 11, 2008

What should I consider in choosing the greenest flooring for my basement?

— Barbara, New Jersey

Answered by Batya Metalitz on August 28, 2008

Will sunlight damage my natural linoleum?

— Susan, Scottsdale, Ariz

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What resources are used to manufacture natural fiber carpet?

— Christine Wong, Ithaca, NY

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Can you recommend healthy flooring for a home with kids and pets?

— Mary Haeberle, Brecksville, OH

Answered by Mari Strain on November 6, 2007

Is cork a good flooring choice for a basement? Will my cats damage the floor?

— Erin Davidson, Richmond Heights, MO

Answered by Mari Strain on November 6, 2007

Will bamboo flooring splinter under a wheelchair?

— G. Grimbley, Fort Worth, TX

Answered by Mari Strain on November 6, 2007

We are installing a radiant heat system. Can you recommend safe flooring adhesives to use?

— Kimberly Keene, Nevada City, CA

Answered by Mitch Boucher on August 7, 2007

Can you recommend flooring for a basement that tends to get moldy?

— Mary Walters, Sharon, CT

Answered by Ricky Cappe on July 3, 2007