What do you think of websites that offer green home blueprints?

— Marcus Moore, North Hollywood, CA

Answered by Marc Ojanen & Shen-I Chiou on May 13, 2009

I want to help get my mom's house "off the grid." Where do I start?

— Jackie Mellen, Chipley, FL

Answered by Florian Speier on October 3, 2008

We want to design a passive-solar home for a hot climate. Can we still have views to the east?

— Dorothy Shannon, Charlotte, NC

Answered by Greg Upwall on February 4, 2008

Are whole-house fans effective in northern latitudes?

— J.C. Cahill, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Answered by Cassandra Adams on November 20, 2007

Can you recommend solar window blinds that are not made of PVC?

— Lisa Dow, New York, NY

Answered by Maggie Wood on October 16, 2007

What can I do to reduce my home's carbon footprint?

— Kathryn Stewart, New York, NY

Answered by Eric Corey Freed on July 31, 2007