Are old appliances green because we are reusing, or not green because they are not Energy Star?

— Chris Tissot, North Hollywood, CA

Answered by David Bergman on October 2, 2007

Which is greener: fiber-cement or vinyl siding?

— Patty Boyce, Berea, KY

Answered by Connie McCullah on August 21, 2007

Is there a greener alternative to polyethylene housewrap?

— Oresta Korbutiak, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Answered by Mitch Boucher on August 7, 2007

Should I worry about the mercury in fluorescent light bulbs?

— Craig Dunlappe, Albany, CA

Answered by Eric Corey Freed on July 31, 2007

How much does green construction add to the cost of a new home?

— Larry Chamblin, Pensacola, FL

Answered by Polly Osborne, FAIA, LEED AP on March 22, 2007