How can I limit harmful offgassing from a recent coat of "non-green" paint?

— Rebecca Ronn, Brooklyn, NY

Answered by Nick Cope on December 17, 2008

I'm highly allergic to chemicals. Are there hidden toxins in low- or zero-VOC paints?

— Diena Chen, Los Angeles, CA

Answered by Nick Cope on December 17, 2008

What's more sustainable: a longer-lasting floor finish, or one with lower VOC content?

— Tom Leland, Beachwood, OH

Answered by J Neufeld on December 4, 2008

What green options are there for wall coverings other than paint?

— Anne Osher, Houston, TX

Answered by Marian Keeler on January 7, 2008

How do you remove or encapsulate non-green wall and floor finishes?

— Elizabeth Cummings, Iowa City, IA

Answered by Steve Rush on May 24, 2007

How do I strip wood trim without using toxic chemicals?

— Andrea, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Answered by Piper Kujac on March 8, 2007