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ASID Foundation and USGBC have partnered on the development of best practice guidelines for sustainable residential improvement projects. REGREEN fosters sustainable renovation practices and benefits by providing quality resources, including REGREEN Residential Remodeling Guidelines, numerous case studies, educational offerings, a Certificate of designation for green remodel professionals, a green strategy generator that specifies green measures based on project scope and goals and much more. More...

Recent Blogs

Mitigating Risk Through Sustainable Building Practices

Kelly McMurtrie and Carrie Van Brunt-Wiley,

Time and again, green homes prove to be safer, more efficient and less costly to operate than homes built with standard building materials. As research has found, homes made from sustainable building materials are better able to withstand the perils of wind, hail and flood. From an insurance stand point, we’re interested in connecting the dots between how this reduction of risk could translate into better insurance rates for the people who invest in sustainable homes- and potentially impact the market as a whole.

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How I Cut My Energy Bill for Water Heating by 76%

Scott Grieves, Kissimmee Utility Authority

Scott Grieves describes his search for a new water heater to replace a 19-year-old LP Gas model. His projected energy costs for water heating with the new GeoSpring hybrid model will drop to $250.56 from $1,038/year.

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Posted by Cassy Aoyagi, FormLA Landscaping, Inc.

Earlier in the year, we looked at the benefits of putting our limited rainwater to good use with water catchment and infiltration strategies.  Now that LA’s picture-perfect weather makes it tough to keep our gardens picture-perfect without irrigation, our teams field plenty of questions about graywater..

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